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The influence of fashion on the psyche

  • person Fabio Pertile
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The influence of fashion on the psyche

The choice of our daily clothes is not just a question of external style; it goes much further, directly influencing our emotional state and perception of ourselves.

Let's analyze how colors, fabrics and styles of clothes can act as agents of emotional transformation. Bright colors can instill energy and joy, while soft and comfortable textures can give feelings of calm and security. Fashion thus becomes a means through which we can modulate our daily emotions.

We also explore the concept of "fashion psychology" - how clothing choices can communicate not only with others, but also with ourselves. Wearing clothes that make us feel good can act as a powerful positive stimulus, creating a virtuous cycle of psychological well-being.

In this Abstract, we invite readers to reflect on their personal experience, to consider how fashion has already influenced their mood, and to be aware of the transformative potential of their wardrobe. Fashion thus becomes a tool through which we can actively improve our emotional well-being, contributing to building a deeper connection between style and self-esteem.

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